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Reskafar Xurwkar “Hole Maker”
Titles Captain of the Deep Sea Current, Black Dragon of the Steaming Sea, The Future Pirate King of the Shackles, Shuiblith Sonear, Prince of the Sewer Dragons
Class Musket Master 12 (Gunslinger) [[File:572329 | class=media-item-align-right | 240×180px | jollyroger3.png]]
Mythic Champion Tier 2
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Race Small Kobold
Type Humanoid (reptilian)
Age 12 Height 3’ 2’’ Weight 40 lbs.
Diety Elder Dragons

AC 34/33 depends if shooting, Flat-footed 21/20, Touch 24
Base 10, Size 1, Natural Armor 3, Armor 6, Shield 1, Dex 6, Dodge 6, Deflection 1
Armor Check Penalty -0
HP (12d10+24+10) 132
Fort +12, Ref +19, Will +10
Threaten Reach 15ft with snapshot feat line and ranged weapon
CMB +11 CMD 37 (10 base + 12 BAB + 9 dex + 6 dodge +1 deflect -1 size)
Speed 40ft (+10 enhancement)
Energy Resistance Acid 5
[[File:561565 | class=media-item-align-right | 250×190px | blunderbuss.jpg]]
BAB +12 / +7 / +2
Size Bonus to Attack +1
Initiative Bonus +19
Small Longsword +13 1d6, x2
Small Dagger +13 1d3, x2
Azlanti Dagger +14 1d3+1, x2
Small Battered Musket +23 1d10+10, 40ft, 19-20 x4
Small MW Blunderbuss +23 1d6+10, 40ft, x4
Small +1 Distance Rifle w/ Farsight +23, 1d8+11, 160ft, x4
Small +1 Reliable Ghost Touch Musket Gebbiter +24 1d10+11, 200ft, 19-20 x4
Full Attack Ranged:
Point Blank Shot (+1 dam), Mythic Deadly Aim (+12 dam), Mythic Rapid Shot
Small Musket +19 1d10+24, 200ft, 19-20 x4
Small Musket +19 1d10+24, 200ft, 19-20 x4
Small Musket +19 1d10+24, 200ft, 19-20 x4
Small Musket +14 1d10+24, 200ft, 19-20 x4
Small Musket +9 1d10+24, 200ft, 19-20 x4

Str 10, Dex 28 (4 tmp), Con 14, Int 12, Wis 18 (2 tmp), Cha 10
Feats Simple and Martial Weapons Proficiency (class), Light Armor Proficiency (class), Improved Initiative (racial), Rapid Reload Musket (class), Exotic Weapon Proficiency Two-Handed Firearm (class), Precise Shot (1st lvl), Point Blank Shot (3rd lvl), Rapid Fire (4th lvl class bonus), Deadly Aim (5th lvl), Weapon Focus Musket (7th lvl), Snap Shot (8th lvl class bonus), Mythic Deadly Aim (tier 1), Improved Snap Shot (9th lvl), Draconic Aspect Black (GM story bonus), Escape Route (GM story bonus, teamwork), Mythic Expression (GM story bonus), Mythic Rapid Shot (tier 2), Blowout Shot Deed (Grit, bought), Whip-Shot Deed (Grit, bought), Improved Critical Musket (11th lvl) , Clustered Shots (12th lvl class bonus)
Traits Sneaky Swimmer +2 stealth underwater and hold breath x2 Con, Reactionary +2 init, Besmara’s Blessing +1 perception and +1 Profession Sailor
Skills (60) Perception 21 (11), Profession Sailor 20 (12), Survival 8 (1), Stealth 24 (8), Swim 8 (5), Knowledge Local 5 (1), Fly 11 (2), Climb 8 (5), Acrobatics 19 (2) (5 enhance), Craft Alchemy 5 (1), Bluff 9 (6), Diplomacy 2 (2), Escape Artist 13 (4), Profession Gambler 12 (background), Linguistics 12 (background)

Base Mythic Abilities Hard to Kill, Amazing Initiative, mythic power 7/day, surge +1d6
Mythic Champion Path Distant Barrage (champion strike), Limitless Range (tier1), Extra Mythic Feat (tier2)

Languages Draconic, Common
Linguistics Aboleth, Aklo, Cyclops, D’ziriak, Sphinx, Vegepygmy, Polyglot, Canto, Gug, Gnoll, Infernal. Reskafar likes the weird monster languages

Class Features
Gun Smithing
Grit (Ex): 4
Nimble (Ex): +6 AC Dodge (+3 favored class 0.25/lvl)
Rapid Reloader
Musket Training 2: Add Dexterity Modifier +1 to damage with Two-Handed Firearms (+10 damage)

Deadeye (Ex)
Quick Clear (Ex)
Steady Aim (Ex)
Gunslinger Initiative (Ex)
Fast Musket (Ex)
Dead Shot (Ex):
Startling Shot (Ex):
Targeting (Ex):
Blowout Shot Deed (Ex):
Whip-Shot Deed (Ex):
Bleeding Wound (Ex):
Expert Loading (Ex):
Lightning Reload (Ex):

Racial Points (20pts) A very gifted Kobold
Kobold (7RP) weakness: -4 str, +2 dex, +2 wis Small: +1 AC, a +1 attack rolls, a –1 CM and CMD, +4 stealth Darkvision: 60 feet. Armor: Kobolds +1 natural armor bonus. Crafty: Kobolds gain a +2 racial bonus on Craft(trapmaking), Perception, and Profession (miner) checks. Craft (traps) and Stealth are always class skills for a kobold. Weakness: Light sensitivity
Gliding Wings (3RP) – feather fall DC: fly 15
Quick Reaction (2RP) Improved Initiative as a bonus feat
Advanced Dex (4RP) – Dex +2
Swift as Shadows (3RP) – Reduce the penalty for using Stealth while moving at full speed by 5, and reduce the Stealth check penalty for sniping by 10.
Improved Natural Armor (1RP) – Natural Armor +1

Environment: The Shackles
Organization: Dankblade Crew / Shackles Pirate
Faction Shackles Pirate / DankBlade Crew
27 TPA
27 CPA

See Item Page for Gear and Inventory
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Titles Explained

  1. Captain of the Deep Sea Current appointed after the ship was bonded to him due to his great sailing knowledge and fighting skill.
  2. Black Dragon of the Steaming Sea a nickname bestowed by Captain Graffdigger of the Shackles Pirates after young Reskafar joined up.
  3. The Future Pirate King of the Shackles self proclaimed after the Deep Sea Current crew defeated the Halfling Pirate Queen near Azlant.
  4. Shuiblith Sonear “Shit Eater” of the Katapesh Street Sweeper and Dung Carter Guild awarded by the guildmaster for great service to the guild.
  5. Prince of the Sewer Dragons of Absalom awarded after Chief Kibizax appointed Reskafar the next chief of the Sewer Dragon Tribe. Signified by his blue arm.

Relationships after Book 1
Content Not Found: valdemar-vii-to-be-renamed, “The best ship a captain could ever ask for. It blows my mind the ship willingly follows by insane orders”

Content Not Found: kaledith-sevardomos, “It has been nice to see her get her hands dirty. Being in the the belly of a T-Rex can certainly change a person’s outlook on life”

Content Not Found: tebrilith-peril, ”Oddly dependable. She owes a life debt to us, but I am still wary of the way she admires the ship”

Content Not Found: yigorin-slate, “My life has completely changed after meeting the mysterious dragon man. I am still not sure if he is friend or foe. The gray dragon’s plight is understandable but do the means justify the ends“

Content Not Found: aven, “The Firstmate. He is resourceful, dangerous, brave, and has the scars to prove it. I love his ruthless nature and he does not shy away from hard decisions. It has been an honor to sail with him”

Content Not Found: goethe, “The Professor. He is stubborn, undiplomatic, and logical to a fault. Not bad qualities to have during our voyage. His magic is of he highest order. Alas, I am most gracious for his bottomless pit of knowledge”

Content Not Found: laurence-vestin-iv, “The Diplomancer. Remind me never to be on the wrong end of a parley with him. He is too kind to strangers, too feeble in battle, and too bossy. But he has earned by respect tenfold. I may be the captain but I consider him the leader”

Content Not Found: myrrh, “The Hostage. He is the bravest man I have ever met and still one of the most mysterious men I have ever met. At the same time, he is a man who knows how to get things done whatever the cost”

Content Not Found: reskafar-xurwkar, “I was not born ready, I got ready”


Quick Hits
Race: Kobold
Faction: Shackles Pirate
Traits: Sneaky Swimmer, Reactionary
Drawbacks: light senstivity
Homeland(s): The Shackles Raptor Island
Parents: Egg Watcher and Egg Layer
Siblings: Many other eggs
Relationship(s): Loves Kobold

Reskafar Xurwkar started life in the Dankblade crew, tricking ships in to the dangerous narrow reefs of Raptor Island. His wings proved useful for hanging lanterns in high places to attract wayward ships. His ruthlessness proved even more useful for disposing the helpless and weak prisoners. In was in those early days he first saw the power of guns. A lone human gunslinger barricaded himself in the cargo hold of a wrecked ship for days. Only by true grit did the gunslinger manage to stay alive for 3 days and 3 nights. The flash explosions from his musket were even louder than the crashing waves of the sea. Many kobolds were culled before, chief Captain Enga Bloodknot decided to wait until the human died of thirst before reentering the ship. Reskafar was the only one brave enough to tinker with the dead gunslinger’s gun. He saw his future in the boomstick.

A typical future for a kobold is small and inglorious. The Dankblade do not trick many ships into the reefs and most days are filled with mining and tinkering. Reskafar ambitions could not be met in the caverns of Raptor Island. He would look to the sea for adventure. The Shackles pirates are fringe trading partners with the Dankblade on an one such parlay, Reskafar, decided to enlist. Captain Grafdigger was a hard sell, but after Reskafar out shot the best marksman in his crew he relented. Thus the first kobold of the high seas was born. The ship “Old Dirty Bastard”, was spacious compared to the caves he grew up in. Most of the crew avoided Reskafar but that was the way he liked it. He spent most of time in the crow’s nest due to his keen eyes and powerful musket. The seas were good to Reskafar for a time but he was never fully embraced by the crew.

During a particular bloody but unsuccessful attack on a cargo ship the crew mutinied on Captain Grafdigger. First-mate Sabo Teur, took the helm of the Old Dirty Bastard. Reskafar fled with great haste to a rowboat after Captain Grafdigger was murdered. Sabo was not a friend and would soon throw Reskafar to the sharks than keep him on the crew.

The rowboat washed up on the shores near Magnimar. Reskafar took refuge in Underbridge waiting for the right opportunity to arise.

Book 1 Add later

Reskafar Original

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